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Disasters Do Happen
The Family Earthquake Drill

It is important to know where you should go for protection when your house starts to shake. By planning and practicing what to do before an earthquake occurs, you can condition yourself and members of your family to react correctly and spontaneously when the first jolt or shaking is felt. An earthquake drill can teach your family what to do in an earthquake.

  1. Each family member should know safe spots in each room. Safe spots are the best places to be such as under supported archways, against inside walls and under heavy pieces of furniture like a desk or sturdy table.
  1. Each family member should know the danger spots in each room. Danger spots include windows, hanging objects, mirrors, and tall, unsecured furniture.
  1. Reinforce this knowledge by physically placing yourself in the safe locations. This is an especially important exercise for children.

In the days or weeks after this exercise hold surprise drills.


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