Hurricane Preparedness Month for May 2009

Hurricane Preparedness Month for May 2009

As of 2009, the month of May will be observed as Hurricane Preparedness Month. The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) has added this new national observation to its annual national calendar of events with the aim to begin preparations for the hurricane season earlier than previous years, as well as continue to sensitize Jamaicans to the threat of hurricanes. 

The month of June remains as Disaster Preparedness Month and marks the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season (June to November).

2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast

Forecasters from Colorado State University have reduced their hurricane prediction activity to an average number of storms for the 2009 Atlantic hurricane season. The last forecast they had issued in December 2008 called for 14 tropical storms and seven hurricanes, with three of the latter becoming major storms of category three or greater.

The newest forecast calls for 12 tropical storms with six becoming hurricanes and two of those growing to major storms of category three or stronger.

The ODPEM solicits your cooperation as we continue to promote hurricane safety and disaster preparedness in general.

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