Flash Flood Warning

Reports of Flooding

St ElizabethBurnt SavannahFloodingRoadway blocked
Fullerswood main roadFlooding 
St MaryJunction main roadLandslide/floodingRoadway blocked in several places
St CatherineBog Walk GorgeFloodedRoadway Closed, persons trapped since 28/9/2010
Guys Hill Main roadFlooded 
Sandy BayFloodingBreakaway at Sandy gully – road blocked
Dover Gully Road split in tow
Church Road, MickletonMeadows, Fletcher AveFlooded 
Grove Road Road, Bronx StreetFlooded 
Kingston andSt AndrewHarbour ViewFloodingHarbour View fordimpassable
August TownFloodingBridge has collapsed
Red Hills- Sterling CastleFloodingHomes flooded, a person reported trapped
Marcus Garvey DriveFloodedRoad impassable
Saddlers AvenueFlooded 
Langston RoadFlooded 
South Monterey Drive, Hope PasturesFlooded 
Kintyre Close, PapineFlooded 
Don Head Avenue, LiguaneaFlooded 
Barbican Road in the vicinity of Burger KingFloodedHouse has reportedly washed away with a child
Whitehall gullyFloodingSection of gully wall collapsed
St CatherineThompson Pen- SpanishTownFloodingHomes have been flooded
 Simon District and Tredegar ParkFloodingBridge has collapsed
 Sunnyside LinsteadFlooding 
 Serenity Park, between spring Village and nightingale Grove,FloodingGully is overflowing
 Ginger RidgeLandslideA section of the Sandy Ground MainRoad has collapsed
 Ensom CityFlooding 
 Bushy ParkFlooding 
ClarendonFour PathsFlooding 
 Portland CottageFlooding 
 Rio Minho Flood plainFlooding 
WestmorelandSavanna-la-marFloodingFour home reportedly damaged
 Savanna-la-marFreakStormsSavanna-La-Mar Cooperative CreditUnion and the Savanna La Mar Baptist Church has been damaged
ManchesterInglesideFreak stormDamage to the roof of houses
Kingston & StAndrewSandy ParkFlooding1 house collapsed in the river, several threatened
 August Town, BedwardGarden and GoldsmithVillasFloodingHomes flooded, a person reported trapped
St AnnOcho Riosstorm surge 

The public is advised to continue monitoring the radio for further advisories and to avoid
areas that are at risk from flooding and landslides. Also, take the following precautions in
the event of heavy rains:
1. Be ready to evacuate if you live in low-lying or flood-prone areas. Decide on likely
evacuation routes now.
2. Avoid flooded waterways, i.e. Fording, gullies, streams or rivers, either on foot or in

The ODPEM will continue to monitor the situation and further updates will be provided as
the situation demands.
Contact: Delmares White, Director of Information & Training Dwhite@odpem.org.jm