flood watch

Reports of Flooding in Eastern and Central Parishes

The Meteorological Service has continued the Flash Flood Warning for low-lying and flood-prone areas of all parishes until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. This warning means that flooding has been reported or will occur shortly.

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) has received the following reports from Clarendon, Portland, St. Catherine, St. Ann and St. Thomas.

Flooded Homes

  • Mineral Heights, Clarendon: one home
  • Hope Bay, Portland: one family marooned
  • Bath to Sunningfield, St. Thomas: a man trapped in a tree
  • Golden Grove, St. Thomas: market flooded

Roads and Infrastructure

St. Thomas:

  • Hordley Crossing/Golden Grove: road impassable due to flooding
  • Hayfield: road impassable due to flooding
  • Potosi: road cut-off due to flooding
  • Golden Grove Police Station: flooded – 30 students and one teacher from Happy Grove High School stranded.

St. Catherine:

  • Bog Walk Gorge – water level is rising

St. Ann:

  • Harrison Town to Fern Gully – flooding

The public is advised to continue monitoring the radio for further advisories and to avoid areas that are at risk from flooding and landslides. Also, take the following precautions in the event of heavy rains:

  • Be ready to evacuate if you live in low-lying or flood-prone areas. Decide on likely evacuation routes now.
  • Avoid flooded waterways, i.e. Fording, gullies, streams or rivers, either on foot or in vehicles.

Small craft warnings are in effect for inshore and offshore areas of the north coast due to gusty winds and rough seas in areas of showers and thunderstorms.

The Meteorological Service and ODPEM will continue to monitor the situation and further updates will be provided as the situation demands.

Contact: Delmares white, dwhite@odpem.org.jm