Sulphuric Acid Spill

The ODPEM wishes to inform the public that close to 300 tones of Sulphuric Acid were released in the vicinity of Berth 1 in the Kingston Harbour last night.

The source of the spill is from a container located at Berth 1. A Team from ICC conducted clean up operations while a team comprising representatives of NEPA, The Marine Police, The Fire Brigade and The ODPEM conducted investigations into the source of the spill and monitored clean up operations..

Reports from NEPA are that the water near Greenwich Fishing Beach is still highly acidic as a result of the spill. The public is being asked to avoid swimming, bathing or harvesting fish in the vicinity of Berth1 in the Kingston Harbour and the Greenwich Fishing Village until further notice.

The ODPEM will continue to monitor the situation.

Contact: Delmares White, Director of Information & Training,