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General Training Times

Topic Duration
Basic Disaster Management 1 hour : The session last for an hour when an overview is what is required. 2 hours: For comprehensive training session, this component spans 2 – 2 ½ hours
Planning for Disasters 3 hours: This session usually form part of an full day workshop and exposes individuals to the importance of and components to be included in a Disaster Plan
Earthquake Safety 1 hour: General sensitization sessions are approximately an hour. 1 ½ hours: this is applicable for in-depth training sessions
Earthquake Drill 1 hour: a. 15-25 minutes for drill b. 25-35 minutes for discussion
Hurricane Safety 1-2 hours: The general hurricane session ranges between 1 and 2 hours depending on the request and the time that organization make available for the session
Safety Wardens 1 hour: session is conducted within an hour for introductory sessions 2 hours: Where individuals are being trained to operate as Safety Wardens, the sessions usually last between 2 and 2 ½ hours
National Response Training 1 hour: this provides an overview of the NEOC, PEOC and ZEOC while emphasizing ODPEM’s role in the matrix
Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Duration:2 Days. This is a highly specialized area, aimed at preparing the organization to develop its own BCP.
Initial Damage Assessment (IDA) Duration:2 Days. Initial Damage Assessment entails a sequence of activities involved to collate and analyze data under the conditions of a disaster. As a consequence, each activity must be planned well learned, well rehearsed and well executed.
Search and Rescue (SAR) Duration:2 Days. Agency: Jamaica Fire Brigade. Conducted by emergency services to aid in finding someone who is lost, trapped or injured in a difficult area to access.
Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Management Duration:2 Days. This course on emergency operations centre management is designed to provide persons who are deployed to work in the national emergency operations centre (NEOC), during the time of emergencies, the necessary knowledge, skills and networking practice to effect the most efficient response to emergencies, utilizing the country’s limited resources.
Shelter Management Duration:2 Days. To provide the individuals who have responsibility for the selection, preparation and maintenance, and operational management of emergency shelters, with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the required duties.
Basic Disaster Risk Management (BDRM) Duration:1 Day.
  • Introduction to Disaster Risk Management- This session is aimed at providing background information on the process of Disaster Management. It simplifies key terms that individuals ought to be familiar with.
  • Hurricane Preparedness- The hurricane preparedness session is designed to equip individuals with the requisite skills to necessary to minimize or wherever possible eliminate the potential for loss of lives and destruction of property due to hurricane conditions
  • Earthquake Preparedness- Given the island’s seismic vulnerability, awareness of earthquake threats is crucial. This presentation looks at do’s don’ts for earthquakes.
  • Fire Safety*- The Fire Safety presentation is concerned with identification and elimination of fire hazards in the organization and the possible impacts on business
  • Basic Radio Communication Duration:2 Days. This course entails a practical approach on emergency radio communications
    Emergency Planning Duration:Customized. Efficient emergency planning for businesses seeks to reduce loss of life, property and human suffering, to ensure effective mobilization of resources, to ensure timely response and to promote speedy recovery.
    Community Based Disaster Risk Management Planning Duration:6 Days minimum. Efficient community based Disaster Risk Management planning seeks to reduce loss of life, property and human suffering, to ensure effective mobilization of resources, to ensure timely response and to promote speedy recovery.
    Customized Training Duration:Customized. Customized training is developed based on needs analysis of an organization. Exercises ( Orientation, Drills, Tabletop, Functional and full scale) Exercising is an activity designed to:
  • Promote emergency preparedness
  • Test or evaluate emergency operations, policies, plans, procedures or facilities
  • Train personnel in emergency management duties
  • Demonstrate operational capability
  • Types of exercises
  • Note: Training sessions usually include Basic Disaster Management as well as additional areas as per the client’s request