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Regional Disaster Coordinators Profile

The ODPEM has divided the island into four (4) geographic regions North, South, East, and West. Assigned to these regions are Disaster Risk Management Specialists, officers designated as Regional Disaster Coordinators (RCs). An RC is a senior technical officer who is appointed to be the lead interface with local and parish level actors and systems of disaster risk management. They have authorized officers of the Director General as per section 2 (f) of the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Act 2015.

The primary functions of the Regional Disaster Coordinators include:

  • Chief liaison officers of the ODPEM to Parish Disaster Committees and other local disaster risk management (DRM) structures
  • Provide technical advice and support to Municipal Corporations, and all local actors (public, private, civil society) in DRM
  • Conduit and first point of advice to access services of the ODPEM to local/parish actors
  • Designated DRM Specialist support to response coordination actions in parishes
  • Main ODPEM facilitators for implementation of programmes, projects and training at local/parish levels

Regional Disaster Coordinator, North

Northern Region: Portland, St. Mary and St. Ann

Regional Disaster Coordinator, South

Southern Region: St. Elizabeth, Manchester, Clarendon

Regional Disaster Coordinator, East

Eastern Region: St. Thomas, Kingston & St. Andrew, St. Catherine, Portmore

Regional Disaster Coordinator, West

Western Region: Westmoreland, Hanover, St. James, Trelawny​

Regional Disaster Coordinator Map

Regional Disaster Coordinator Listing

NameRegionParishes in RegionContact #Email
Allison Gordon NORTHERNPortland | St. Ann | St. Mary(876) 906-9674-5 | (876) |
Camille Palmer SOUTHERNClarendon | Manchester | St. Elizabeth(876) 906-9674-5 | (876) 360-7388 | (876)
Sophia Mitchell EASTERNKingston & St. Andrew | St. Catherine | St. Thomas(876) 906-9674-5 | (876) 430-5585 | (876)
Roland Haye      WESTERNHanover | St. James | Trelawny | Westmoreland(876) 906-9674-5 | (876) 844-4792 | (876) |