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ODPEM Rentals Profile

ODPEM’s Economy Rental was established in 1995 and has since been in the business of providing highly competitive, quality rental items including tents, tables, chairs, portable toilets, bounce-a-bout, to a wide range of clientele including government agencies, private sector organizations, schools, churches and so on.

The business operates out of the administrative building at the Office of Disaster  Preparedness & Emergency Management and the contact details are as follows:

Office Address: 2-4 Haining Road, Kingston 5.

Telephone #s:  (876) 906-9674-5 or 754-9077-8

Email:    or

ODPEM Rentals Policy

All customers renting items from the Rental Business are required to sign a rental agreement prior to the delivery of the items. In addition to this, the customers are also required to sign the rental application /job card upon receipt of the items.

Rental of items takes place from Monday through Friday on a weekly basis; however, the equipment may be rented on weekend by special arrangement. Items rented on the weekend will attract a service charge of 20% of the cost of the items rented.

A service charge may apply depending on the circumstance, for instance in cases where there is a bulk rental (for example over fifteen tents) and in cases where access to premises is difficult or remote.

Reservation is required to ensure the availability of the items requested at any given time.  Reservation should be made at least two clear days before the event to ensure availability of items. To confirm a reservation, a 50% deposit of the cost is required and the balance of the contract amount due no later than the day before delivery.

Cancellation or refund is permissible only in circumstances as outlined below :

Requests for refund or cancellation by customers should be made at least five days prior to the reservation date. Once this requirement is met the customer is entitled to a full refund.  

Where notice is given one day prior to the reservation date the customer will be entitled to 0% refund of the total amount paid.

ODPEM Economy Rental and its officers, employee, and agents shall not be liable for any injury or claims that may incur as a result of any incident which may occur while the equipment is in operation.   

The customer shall be responsible for the equipment while in operation and is responsible to ensure that the equipment is returned in good working condition.
It is incumbent on the customer to ensure that the equipment received is properly installed to satisfaction.
In the event that the equipment is damaged, lost or stolen, then the customer shall be liable for repairs and replacement of those items rented at a cost to be determined by the lessor.  Settlement for any damages, loss or theft shall be concluded within a reasonable time or within a period not exceeding sixty (60) days from the date such occurrence is reported.

Use of the equipment in the following circumstances is not allowed
1. Improper, unintended use or misuse
2. Use by anyone other than the customer or his employees without permission.
3. Use when equipment is in disrepair or is unsafe.
4. Use at a location other than the address given to ODEPM without permission.
5. Use of fire under or within close proximity to any tent structure.

Rental of items must be done on a cash basis only. All rentals must be paid for in advance with the exception of customers who have established credibility with the business over time. Persons with credit accounts are due and payable net seven days from the date of the invoice. Invoices which are not settled within the seven days credit period will attract a 2.5% charge on the total outstanding amount per month.

ODPEM Economy Rental does not guarantee an exact delivery time and will not be held liable for any delays or additional expense incurred for any delays beyond its control.
All rented items scheduled for pick up shall be ready for pick up in the same manner as delivered.

Customers are not allowed to pick up items rented. Delivery must be made by ODPEM  Economy Rental to ensure the proper handling of the equipment.

The delivery rate in Kingston is $2,000 per truck and in Portmore, the rate is $3,500 per truck.  Other rates are based on mileage attracted.

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