Earthquake Felt in the Cayman Islands

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) has been advised by the Earthquake Unit that a felt earthquake of magnitude 5.8 (USGS report) and a focal depth of 10 kilometers was located in the Cayman Islands region at approximately 9:23 a.m. EST.

Reportedly felt in: Half- Way- Tree Kingston/St. Andrew.

The ODPEM implores all Jamaicans to take the following precautions should an earthquake occur.
What to do before an earthquake:
_ Always have on hand emergency kits.
_ Practice earthquake drills at schools, homes and offices.
_ Look around your school, home and offices for things that could fall and injure you.
What to do during an earthquake:
_ Be calm. If you are inside, stay there.
_ Get under heavy furniture such as a sturdy desk or table.
_ Do not rush to exits.
_ If you are outside, stay there. Avoid the hazards, which could cause injury.
_ If you are in a vehicle, drive away from bridges and stop in the safest place possible.
What to do after an earthquake:
_ Evacuate the building immediately after the shaking stops.
_ Be prepared for additional aftershocks.
_ Listen to the radio and follow emergency instructions.
Remember, earthquakes cannot be predicted therefore our vulnerability to earthquakes is always imminent. Preparation is the key.

Contact: Kimberley Weller, Information Officer