Flash Flood Warning

Reports of Flooding

Appendix 2 – Shelters opened

ParishName of ShelterStatusNo of Occupants
St CatherineShiloh Basic School in Lauriston Activated20 children and 12 adults at the facility
 Ensom City PrimaryActivatedNone to date
 Old Harbour HighActivatedNone to date
 Faith Fire House on Beacon Hill Road, Thompson PenActivatedNone to date
 Bog Walk HighActivatedNumber unconfirmed to date
 Spanish Town PrimaryActivatedNumber unconfirmed to date
 Safe prayer HouseActivatedNumber unconfirmed to date
Kingston & St AndrewLangston Terrace Community CentreActivatedNumber unconfirmed to date
 The Holy Rosary Primary SchoolActivatedNumber unconfirmed to date
 The Dunoon Technical High schoolActivatedNumber unconfirmed to date


ParishCommunityHazard ImpactStatus
St ElizabethBurnt SavannahFloodingRoadway blocked
 Fullerswood main roadFlooding 
 Luana to TombstoneFlooded 
 Tombstone to GuttersFlooded 
 Constitution Hilllandslides 
 New Castle Main RoadFlooded (Milepost 17) 
 Golden Spring – Mt JamesLandslide 
St MaryJunction main road Broadgate to Toms RiverLandslide Roadway BEING CLEARED BY NWA
 Red Hills to Carron Hall Roadway Closed
St CatherineBog Walk GorgeFloodedRoadway Closed, persons trapped since 28/9/2010
 Guys Hill Main roadFlooded 
 Sandy BayFloodingBreak away at Sandy gully – road blocked
 Dover Gully Road split in tow
 Church Road, Mickleton Meadows, Fletcher AveFlooded 
 Grove Road Road, Bronx StreetFlooded 
Kingston and St AndrewHarbour ViewFloodingHarbour View ford impassable
 August TownFloodingBridge has collapsed
 Red Hills- Sterling CastleFloodingHomes flooded, person reported trapped
 Marcus Garvey DriveFloodedRoad impassable
 Saddlers Avenue and Langston RoadFlooded 
 South Monterey Drive,  Hope PasturesFlooded 
 Kintyre Close, PapineFlooded 
 Don Head Avenue, LiguaneaFlooded 
 Barbican Road in the vicinity of Burger KingFloodedHouse has reportedly washed away with a child
 Whitehall gullyFloodingSection of gully wall collapsed
 Roadway to Hermitage DamLandslideimpassable
TrelawnyWait-a-bit main roadLandslide 
 Martha Brae to GranvilleInnundatedImpassable
ManchesterNew Forest main roadFloodedSection damaged but passable, approach with caution
PortlandBuff bay valleyFloodingSections of roadway washed away
St JamesCreek Street/Dome StreetFloodingImpassable
 Anchovy  to ShettlewoodInundated 
 Barnett to AdelphiInundated 
 Reading to AnchovyInnundated 


All children’s home are safe except a few cases of minor leaks. Services have been curtailed at the National Public health laboratory due to leaking and flooding. The national blood transfusion service has also temporarily closed for donation due to leaking. Alternative donation facility is the national chest hospital.


  • Two deaths have been confirmed by the police – one in Flagaman – St Elizabeth and Barbican – St Andrew 
  • Over twelve persons are reported missing.

The public is advised to continue monitoring the radio for further advisories and to avoid

areas that are at risk from flooding and landslides. Also take the following precautions in

the event of heavy rains:

 1. Be ready to evacuate if you live in low-lying or flood-prone areas. Decide on likely

evacuation routes now.

 2. Avoid flooded waterways, i.e. Fording, gullies, streams or rivers, either on foot or in vehicles.

The ODPEM will continue to monitor the situation and further updates will be provided as the situation demands.