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Severe Weather Condition

The Office of Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management (ODPEM) wishes to advise the public that the Metrological Service of Jamaica has reported that Tropical Storm Eta continues to move slowly westward while remaining southwest of Jamaica. Its outer bands will continue to produce unstable weather across Jamaica for the next several days.

The island’s level of vulnerability has increased due to the previously damaged infrastructure, as well as significant ground saturation. All southern coastal areas and the western parishes are at a risk of severe impacts.

Persons living in low-lying and flood-prone areas are advised to continue monitoring the radio for further advisories and to avoid flooded areas particularly in the following parishes that are at risk from flooding and landslides particularly the following Parishes:

  • St. Mary
  • Portland
  • St. Thomas
  • Kingston
  • St. Andrew
  • St. Catherine
  • Clarendon a
  • Manchester

Also take the following safety precautions during heavy rainfall

  1. Be ready to evacuate if you live in low-lying or flood- prone areas. Decide on likely evacuations routes now.
  2. Avoid flooded water-ways i.e. fording, gullies, streams or rivers, either on foot or in vehicles.
  3. Ensure that all important documents are secured in plastic bags or waterproof containers.
  4. Shut off all electrical power, gas and water supplies in areas that are in immediate danger for flooding.

The ODPEM is reminding the Public that we are still in the Atlantic Hurricane Season and should take the necessary safety precautions as instructed by the ODPEM , Metrological Service of Jamaica and other authorities.

The ODPEM will to continue monitor the system and provide the public further information.