Tropical Storm Gustav Recovery Program Introduces 3M to Barracks, Portland

Residents of the community of Barracks Portland are now receiving the finishing touches to their roofs, under the Tropical Storm Gustav Recovery Program, sponsored by the Department for International Development (DFID) along with the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM). The community is the first to receive product testing from the new 3M 
Emergency Roof Repair and the ODPEM is currently in the process of exploring a possible partnership with the company 3M in an effort to assist with the final stage of this Program.

The Program developed by the ODPEM along with DFID continues to assist with the recovery of families severely affected by Tropical Storm Gustav in 2008. One of the objectives of the project is to provide materials and technical assistance to repair up to 1500 homes in the Parishes that were worst affected and to prepare for, and mitigate against the effects of future natural hazards on low income and self help housing sectors in Jamaica.

3M along with Telicon are currently in talks to partner with the Tropical Storm Gustav Recovery Program to further assist with the final touches of the enhancement of roofs of affected communities. One of the challenges faced by some of the home owners in Barracks was that of leaking after their roofs were retrofitted. Account Executive of 3M, Mr. Mark McGregor said that there was a need to partner with the ODPEM in further enhancing safer roofs within communities.  He added that the leaking of roofs are a normal process and must be rectified using an engineered mechanism and this product is an alterative method. The 3M Emergency Roof Repair is easy to apply, easy use and is quite effective for the prevention of leaks and cracks in roofs.  He noted that the product has a lifespan of up to five years and will assist with the prevention of future leaks.

Councilor of the Manchioneal district Mr. Alston Hunter commended members of the ODPEM team, DFID and the Barracks community for assisting with the repairs and retrofitting of homes that were severely damaged. He also noted that the training given to the community on safer building practices were well received.

To date the Tropical Storm Gustav Recovery Program has retrofitted approximately 504 homes out of 600 which were assessed within the parish of Portland.

 Contact: Kimberley Weller, Information Officer,