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ODPEM's Citizen's Charter

Here at the ODPEM, we commit to the following standards of service to the public:

  • To maintain an Information Desk at the Head Office and Regional Offices to provide information on request by telephone or visits.
  • To provide a cadre of professionals to conduct appropriate training and consultancy services in the areas of disaster preparedness, loss reduction and response.
  • To maintain a Documentation Centre at the Head Office to provide information on a wide range of topics pertaining to disaster management.
  • To disseminate information on hazards and emergency situations to the public via the media for public information. In the case of the passage of a hurricane or other significant meteorological events, news releases will be disseminated at least 36 hours prior to the event and every six hours as the event progresses.
  • To operate on a 24-hour basis to enable the public to contact us by telephone or by visits in the event of a disaster.
  • To provide general information on disaster management and disaster situations on both the ODPEM's websites for adults and children.
  • To coordinate the provision of relief supplies to disaster victims for incidents affecting 20 families or more on receipt of a certified victims list from relevant organizations within 10 days.
  • To coordinate the response mechanism immediately on receipt of reports of emergency situations.
  • To post shelter listings on the ODPEM's website and at strategic locations in all parishes.
  • To identify buildings designated as shelters by emergency shelter signs.
  • To disseminate situation reports to all stakeholders within 24 hours of the event and every six hours thereafter.

We commit to treating all members of the public with absolute respect and courtesy, and maintaining a high level of professionalism at all times.